Rom Kaffè

  • Artist: Acquaragia Drom
  • Release Date: 2008
  • Genre: Musica Popolare
  • Produced By: Finisterre
  • Price: 10€

“We always meet down at the

Rom Kaffe.

The friends are there, the right aroma, the funny stories and a beautiful jukebox. You insert a coin and the best songs start. Those for dancing, those for laughing and crying, those about heartbreaks and those to be sung drinking a glass of wine.

In this record there are some of these songs, chosen casually. Old songs and newer songs. You can listen to them anytime of the day, better if accompanied by the taste of a good coffee. Rom! ”

Mister Romanò


in short

* The new CD by the best

Italian gypsy band

* Special guest and friend of the band, Eugene Hutz, singer and leader of the Ukrainian group Gogol Bordello


After thousands miles on the roads of the whole world, we have the new Italian gipsy stories, collected in concerts and weddings by the historical band ACQUARAGIA DROM, with old and new friends.

A record with a unique taste, in which the unmistakable Italian gypsy style, forged by Acquaragia Drom, mixes with the wild rhythm of the pyrotechnical Rom band  Taraf da Metropulitana, with Mimmo Epifani, the virtuoso genius of the mandola a la barbiere, the wild craziness of Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello, and the passion of other dear friends, both rom and gaggè.

Road and travel songs, songs about the village of Sant’Elia in Pianisi and about the whole forgotten Molise, about San Zopito, who forgot to make miracles, and the uncle storyteller, Mister Romanò, with his roots repertoire.

And so much more, for this new musical trip.

Rom Kaffè, a new Italian blend worth of a golden cup!


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